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25.07.2019 01:07 PM

Reschedule of UCM Info Session and Admission Seminar

UCM Info Session and Admission Seminar on 27/7 (Sat) will be rescheduled to 10/8 (Sat) 2:30pm-4:00pm. 

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 2110 1791.

May God Bless you and your family abundantly!
16.07.2019 08:07 PM

UCM School Uniform

UCM School Uniform represents the identity and pride of the school. We believe that wearing school uniform can help learners build a sense of belonging to UCM community.

All UCM Learners are therefore expected to wear full school uniform at all times during any schooling activities including on field trips and on school buses. UCM is a place of music and learning and therefore appropriate attire is neat, tidy, modest and in good repair.  We would like to warmly remind parents that all school uniforms and items belonging to your child should be clearly labeled with your child’s name and class.

・Summer Uniform

Girl’s Uniform:

- UCM white short-sleeve blouse
- UCM black tie
- UCM black skirt (white or black mini pants are to be worn underneath), crossed straps at the back
- UCM black knee-high socks
- Black Shoes

Boy’s Uniform:

- UCM white short-sleeve blouse 
- UCM black tie
- UCM black shorts, crossed straps at the back
- UCM black knee-high socks
- Black Shoes

PE Uniform (Unisex):

- UCM summer short-sleeve t-shirt 
- UCM summer shorts
- UCM white ankle-high socks 
- UCM Cap
- Sports shoes

・Winter Uniform

Girl’s Uniform:

- UCM white long-sleeve blouse 
- UCM black dress*
- UCM black, knee-high socks or black tights
- UCM black vest
- UCM coat
- Black Shoes

Boy’s Uniform:

- UCM white long-sleeve blouse
- UCM black pants*
- UCM black knee-high socks 
- UCM black vest
- UCM coat
- Black Shoes

Remarks: If the Observatory issues a cold weather warning or the temperature drops to or below 12 ºC, UCM Girls Learners can wear their own pants and Boys and Girls Learners can put on their own down jackets.

PE Uniform (Unisex)

- UCM long-sleeve sports top and pants
- UCM white ankle-high socks 
- UCM zipped long-sleeve jacket
- UCM Cap
- Sports shoes 

・General attire (for everyday use)

- Indoor shoes : A pair of indoor white (non-marking) sports shoes
- UCM School bag with UCM teddy bear
- UCM black cardigan 

・Hair style and other accessories

- Tidy and appropriate hair style for school
- No nail varnish should be worn to school
- Accessories for girls (in navy, black, blue mainly)
- If necessary, students may wear a woolen scarf  (in navy, black, blue mainly)
01.04.2019 12:04 AM

Free UCM school bus rides within Tseung Kwan O

We are happy to announce that UCM is now offering our PN to G1J learners a free school bus service within the neighbourhood!

Already a student at UCM? Get in touch with our general office for arrangements or further details.

Let children be the Masterpiece that God created them to be.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” - Galatians 5:22-23

UCM Features

Every Master was once a Beginner
01Every Master was once a Beginner
UCM allows all beginners to grow into unique Masters with unconditional love and full acceptance.
Happy children learn better
02Happy children learn better
A happy child is a successful learner. UCM learners experience effective learning with love, joy and confidence.
Growing the Fruit of the Spirit
03Growing the Fruit of the Spirit
UCM learners experience the love of Jesus and build up their moral values through Christian education.
Professional and Systematic Music Curriculum
04Professional and Systematic Music Curriculum
Consolidates the four cornerstones of music education: Eurythmics, Music Appreciation and Composition, Choral Singing, and Instrumental Learning! Music changes a child’s life!
International play-based and research-based school
05International play-based and research-based school
The worldwide IEYC curriculum is adopted to capture young learners’ curiosity and help grow their attitudes of self-learning.
Appreciating and discovering God’s amazing creation, UCM learners progressively learn from basic to challenging scientific concepts that will prepare them for a seamless transition into any elementary STEAM curriculum.
Superb learning environment
07Superb learning environment
State-of-the-art facilities and hardware - 35,000 sq. ft (GFA) curiosity capturing campus, a well-equipped library encouraging lifelong learning and fostering creativity, and an indoor climbing wall!
Stage of confidence
08Stage of confidence
A spacious 3000 sq. ft (GFA) performance-grade music theatre for music performances. Building your child’s confidence starts here!
STEAM Laboratory
09STEAM Laboratory
Professionally equipped lab hosting a wide variety of technology such as low temperature 3D printing pens, robotic arms, an interactive projector, VR and AR and even more! This lab allows our UCM learners to appreciate and discover God’s amazing creation.
UCM Parents’ School
10UCM Parents’ School
UCM gathers parents together in a supportive community that shares the joys and tears of parenting, providing encouragement, support and blessings. Let’s love our children unconditionally and wisely!


幼稚園將藝術融入 STEM 教學 邊玩邊啟發邏輯思考
香蕉、蘋果、草莓⋯⋯這些為人熟悉的水果,竟可以用作鍵盤,彈奏「Do Re Mi Fa So」的聲音,成年人眼中看似風馬牛不相及的物件,在幼兒的世界卻存在無窮無盡的可能 。聯合基督教音樂幼稚園梅志文校董指,「水果鍵盤只是一個遊戲,將一些生活上小朋友熟悉的東西,帶到課堂上學習,他們可以從中觀察到不同的科...
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孩子懂得關愛別人 比成績優異更值得感恩 │ 四個女兒的校監
上星期,三女兒突然病倒,三小時內頸後淋巴腺突然腫到比雞蛋更大。我們立即送女兒到醫院求診。大女兒、二女兒及四女兒立即為三女兒禱告。 三女兒向來是個性格活潑開朗、容易相處的孩子,她時刻都愛關心別人,有她在的地方,總是充滿歡笑聲。在她入院期間,醫生為她打針、吊鹽水及「種豆」等,對於這個四歲人兒來說,...
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聯合基督教音樂幼稚園 首創一對一音樂常規課程
聯合基督教音樂幼稚園(United Christian Music Kindergarten,簡稱UCM)是一間基督教學校,為1至6歲小童提供國際幼兒課程及專業音樂教育。UCM校監伍馮美娟在教育工作16年,曾於國際基督教優質音樂中學暨小學擔任英文科科主任多年,育有4個女兒的她,希望透過音樂早期教育及...
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United through music
One student, one plant, one music instrument and one voice sums up the core elements of the United Christian Music Kindergarten. Head of school Maria...
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人愈大 才明白父親多年來無條件的愛 │ 四個女兒的校監
猶記得小時候,我的爸爸不苟言笑,專橫嚴苛,他更會體罰我、事事怪責我,每當我不開心,他總是覺得永遠是我錯,爸爸永遠是對。兒時我曾經覺得父親一點都不愛我。 因為爸爸的嚴苛,讓我感到自己童年在充滿荊棘的考驗下成長,感激他令我磨練意志,塑造今日的堅強,即使在生命中遇上什麼疾病、困難都覺得是小事。我有一...
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