Q1. What is so special about United Christian Music Kindergarten (UCM)?
“Let the children be the Masterpiece of what God made them” is the vision of UCM. We embrace the uniqueness of each precious child. UCM believes complete acceptance of each child is the best way to nourish a child and keep his uniqueness – love them for their strengths, embrace them for their weaknesses. Most importantly, UCM is teaching students with biblical truth.

For UCM’s unique music curriculum, UCM not only teaches children how to play an instrument well, but helps them truly appreciate, experience and love music. Music is not a skill of making a living; instead, it is a lifelong soulmate! UCM’s professional and systematic music curriculum is tailor-made to our students which can definitely establish a child’s perseverance and independency! It also helps to strengthen their muscle coordination, boost their IQ and EQ development and enrich their imagination. Thank you.
Q2. What kind of school does UCM belong to?
UCM is a private international kindergarten. EC1 to G1 Junior classes will be commenced in September 2018 tentatively. Pre Nursery classes (i.e. for children aged 2-3) will be commenced in March 2019 tentatively. Meanwhile, UCM provides 2-year-old playgroup program. Thank you.
Q3. What is the vision of UCM?

“Let the children be the Masterpiece of what God made them” is the vision of UCM. Thank you.
Q4. What is the UCM curriculum?
UCM Curriculums are:
IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum); and 
UCM Professional and Systematic Music Curriculum, which is divided into 4 main categories: Eurythmic (Musical Sense), Music Appreciation and composition, Choral Singing and Instrumental Learning; and
Biblical Foundation for Early Years Chinese Curriculum (BFEYC).

UCM adopts IEYC, UCM Music Curriculum, BFEYC, STEAM unprecedentedly to provide the holistic education.

UCM provides Bilingual classes: English / Mandarin; and English / Cantonese for parents to choose from.

Parents can visit our webpage www.ucmkg.org for more information . Thank you.
Q5. What is the qualification of teachers of UCM?
At UCM, we strive to provide quality education to our students. A team of passionate and qualified Christian teachers and Principals are looking forward to teaching, embracing and nurturing our precious and unique students. UCM Teachers have acquired the professional qualifications as required by EDB. Thank you.
Q6. How much is the tuition fee and registration fee of UCM?
Please kindly visit our webpage for the tentative* Tuition Fee
*The tentative tuition fee and registration fee may vary subject to final approval of EDB. 
Thank you.
Q7. Does UCM require parents to obtain debentures notes before admission?
No. Thank you.
Q8. What are the usual procedures and documents required for UCM admission?
Please visit our webpage www.ucmkg.org for more information. Thank you.
Q9. When will the usual UCM interview be held?
All applicants will be notified by email about the status of application and interview arrangement, please kindly check email regularly. Thank you.
Q10. What instrument could be chosen for the UCM “1 on 1 instrumental learning lessons”?

Any kind of Western or Eastern instrument that is suitable for your child could be chosen. Thank you.
Q11. What is the UCM “Parent-Student School”?
Parents share more than 180,000 hours in their lifetime with their children. UCM is a Parent-Children school to bless both parents and children. UCM believes that if a child is blessed, his/her parents should be blessed at the same time. That’s why there is a Parent-Children School in UCM in the evening of which it provides parents lots of fruitful sharing on how to communicate and build close relationships with your children. Thank you.
Q12. What is the school time of AM/PM sessions of UCM Pre Nursery and EC1-G1 Junior?
  AM session PM session
Pre Nursery 9:00 – 12:00 (TBC) 13:15 – 16:15 (TBC)
EC1-G1 Junior 9:00 – 12:00 (TBC) 13:15 – 16:15 (TBC)
Q13. Could my child apply the UCM AM/PM Enrichment and Sports Programs if they are not UCM students?
Yes, you are welcome to apply. However, as places are limited, priority will be given to UCM students. Please apply online through our website. You will receive the acceptance letters from our admission team and more information will be provided on the school website. Thank you
Q14. Does UCM provide school bus service?
Yes, there is school bus service. It will be announced after parents receive the acceptance letters from UCM admission team and more information will be provided in the first parent meeting in our school and on the website. Thank you.
Q15. Medium of instruction
Parents can choose from below:
English and Putonghua
English and Cantonese
Q16. School Bus
Free school bus is available for UCM learners ,
other routes will be announced later.

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