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children be the Masterpiece that God created them to be.

Upon the solid foundation of inquiry-based learning and holistic education led by our Academic Principal Dr. Maria-Christina J. A. Weemaes-Lidman and Executive Principal Ms. Gillian Lai, UCM infuses music into its programme under the direction and advice of Music Director Mr. Ng Cheuk Yin and Music Education Advisor Ms. Vienna Ha.

With our unique music-focused curriculum and our spacious, safe and beautiful purpose-built campus, we let learning happen in a completely student-centred, supportive and caring environment. A warm welcome to UCM, a place where your children will sing and dance, grow in confidence and reach their full potential.


We celebrate the uniqueness of every child. We believe all children have the seeds of love, compassion and happiness within them, and our role as educators is to water those seeds, to guide and support them towards realising their full potential.


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Curiosity is inborn in every child. As advocates of holistic education, we firmly believe inquiry-based learning, where children learn through play and discovery, is the best mode of learning for children in their early years. That’s why it is so important that we provide a safe, organised and stimulating environment for our students to explore, to develop and grow. With an abundance of space and the guidance and support of our professionally trained teaching staff, we let our students’ creativity flourish.

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The UCM family is a loving and caring team of dedicated teachers, musicians and education specialists. Our teachers are professionally trained to identify the developmental needs of each student, and we let each student learn and develop at her own unique pace.


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We offer foundation and kindergarten programmes, as well as music playgroup and a wide range of music training and enrichment classes. Join us today and let your child learn with joy, grow in confidence and reach her/her full potential!