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23.06.2020 01:06 PM

UCM Summer Camp 2020! Join us in Superhero Land!

This summer, children can learn in the superhero-themed summer camp organized by United Christian Music Kindergarten (UCM).

Join for child-centered, activity-based, music-integrated learning activities including a field trip, character day and stage performance!

Details for Summer Camp>>HERE 

Regisation HERE

Contact us by 21101791 for more information.
16.07.2019 08:07 PM

UCM School Uniform

UCM School Uniform represents the identity and pride of the school. We believe that wearing school uniform can help learners build a sense of belonging to UCM community.

All UCM Learners are therefore expected to wear full school uniform at all times during any schooling activities including on field trips and on school buses. UCM is a place of music and learning and therefore appropriate attire is neat, tidy, modest and in good repair.  We would like to warmly remind parents that all school uniforms and items belonging to your child should be clearly labeled with your child’s name and class.

・Summer Uniform

Girl’s Uniform:

- UCM white short-sleeve blouse
- UCM black tie
- UCM black skirt (white or black mini pants are to be worn underneath), crossed straps at the back
- UCM black knee-high socks
- Black Shoes

Boy’s Uniform:

- UCM white short-sleeve blouse 
- UCM black tie
- UCM black shorts, crossed straps at the back
- UCM black knee-high socks
- Black Shoes

PE Uniform (Unisex):

- UCM summer short-sleeve t-shirt 
- UCM summer shorts
- UCM white ankle-high socks 
- UCM Cap
- Sports shoes

・General attire (for everyday use)

- Indoor shoes : A pair of indoor white (non-marking) sports shoes
- UCM School bag with UCM teddy bear
- UCM black cardigan 

・Hair style and other accessories

- Tidy and appropriate hair style for school
- No nail varnish should be worn to school
- Accessories for girls (in navy, black, blue mainly)
- If necessary, students may wear a woolen scarf  (in navy, black, blue mainly)

Let children be the Masterpiece that God created them to be.

Few would dispute that the human brain is one of the most complex and marvellous creations in the world. Each child born to be unique is blessed with infinite possibilities in life. Early childhood is the critical stage when the brain grows rapidly. Such development will be shaped by a child’s experience - her interactions with people around her, the physical and social environment that she is exposed to, and the love and care that she receives; all will impact the way her body and mind develop.

Latest experiments using functional MRI show that music activates the entire brain. It has been scientifically proven that music improves the development of language processing abilities, and a wide range of cognitive functions such as attention and concentration, visual-spatial perception, and executive function. Playing music helps a child to build self-esteem and hugely benefits a child’s social and emotional development.

Upon the solid foundation of inquiry-based learning and holistic education led by our Founding Principal Dr. Maria-Christina J. A. Weemaes-Lidman, UCM infuses music into its programme under the direction and advice of Music Director Mr. Ng Cheuk Yin and Music Education Advisor Ms. Vienna Ha.

With our unique music-focused curriculum and our spacious, safe and beautiful purpose-built campus, we let learning happen in a completely student-centred, supportive and caring environment. A warm welcome to UCM, a place where your children will sing and dance, grow in confidence and reach their full potential.


UCM School Song
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