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24.11.2019 06:11 PM

Classes will resume tomorrow (‪November 25‬) | 明天(11月25日)恢復上課

The Education Bureau reminds all kindergartens to resume classes tomorrow (‪November 25‬). UCM loves to see our beautiful masterpieces soon and please be reminded to pay attention to traffic news and relevant announcements and putting on a mask is recommended before leaving home for school. See you all tomorrow!

教育局提醒所有幼稚園明天(‪11月25日‬)恢復上課。  UCM希望很快能看到我們的可愛的孩子們,並提醒各位家長在上學之前要注意交通新聞和相關公告,也建議孩子戴上口罩。 明天見!
18.11.2019 05:11 PM

Suspension of ALL classes until 24th November (Sun) | UCM將會停課直至11月24日 (星期日)

The Education Bureau has announced - since there are still unstable factors affecting the roads and traffic conditions, kindergarten classes will remain suspended until the end of the week - UCM’s classes are therefore suspended until 24th November (Sunday). The picnic scheduled on 22 November (Friday) will be cancelled. All UCM learners shall stay at home or safe locations.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 2110 1791/ WhatsApp 9265 8529.

Please keep praying for the peace of Hong Kong! Amen!

鑑於路面及交通仍有不穩定因素,教育局宣布所有幼稚園將會停課至11月24日 (星期日)。原定於本周五(11月22日)之旅行將會取消。校方呼籲所有家長、學生應小心謹慎,並留在安全的地方。

如有查詢可致電2110 1791或WhatsApp 9265 8529查詢。

15.11.2019 09:11 PM

Rescheduling of UCM Information Session and Education Seminar by Ken Sir and Mrs Ng on 16th November 2019

Due to the safety concern of our beloved families and friends and as public transport services are expected to be seriously affected, UCM announces rescheduling of following events:

・Next Information Session : 30th November (Sat) 2:00-4:00pm (English & Cantonese Sessions will be available) 

・Education Seminar by Ken Sir and Mrs Ng, the school supervisor of UCM : 7th December (Sat) 4:30 -6:00pm
13.11.2019 07:11 PM

Suspension of ALL classes TOMORROW (14 Nov, Thu) |明天(11月14日星期四)停課

The Education Bureau has taken the decision to close all schools tomorrow - classes at UCM are therefore suspended for the entire day. All UCM learners shall stay at home or safe locations.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 2110 1791/WhatsApp 9265 8529.

如有查詢可致電2110 1791或WhatsApp 9265 8529查詢。
13.11.2019 07:11 AM

UCM announces Suspension of ALL classes TODAY (13 Nov, Wed) | UCM宣布今天(11月13日星期三)停課

Due to the safety concern of our beloved UCM learners and as public transport services are expected to be seriously affected, UCM announces that all classes will be suspended today (13 Nov, Wed). All UCM learners shall stay at home or safe locations.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 2110 1791.

如有查詢可致電2110 1791查詢。

Let children be the Masterpiece that God created them to be.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” - Galatians 5:22-23

UCM Features

Every Master was once a Beginner
01Every Master was once a Beginner
UCM allows all beginners to grow into unique Masters with unconditional love and full acceptance.
Happy children learn better
02Happy children learn better
A happy child is a successful learner. UCM learners experience effective learning with love, joy and confidence.
Growing the Fruit of the Spirit
03Growing the Fruit of the Spirit
UCM learners experience the love of Jesus and build up their moral values through Christian education.
Professional and Systematic Music Curriculum
04Professional and Systematic Music Curriculum
Consolidates the four cornerstones of music education: Eurythmics, Music Appreciation and Composition, Choral Singing, and Instrumental Learning! Music changes a child’s life!
International play-based and research-based school
05International play-based and research-based school
The worldwide IEYC curriculum is adopted to capture young learners’ curiosity and help grow their attitudes of self-learning.
Appreciating and discovering God’s amazing creation, UCM learners progressively learn from basic to challenging scientific concepts that will prepare them for a seamless transition into any elementary STEAM curriculum.
Superb learning environment
07Superb learning environment
State-of-the-art facilities and hardware - 35,000 sq. ft (GFA) curiosity capturing campus, a well-equipped library encouraging lifelong learning and fostering creativity, and an indoor climbing wall!
Stage of confidence
08Stage of confidence
A spacious 3000 sq. ft (GFA) performance-grade music theatre for music performances. Building your child’s confidence starts here!
STEAM Laboratory
09STEAM Laboratory
Professionally equipped lab hosting a wide variety of technology such as low temperature 3D printing pens, robotic arms, an interactive projector, VR and AR and even more! This lab allows our UCM learners to appreciate and discover God’s amazing creation.
UCM Parents’ School
10UCM Parents’ School
UCM gathers parents together in a supportive community that shares the joys and tears of parenting, providing encouragement, support and blessings. Let’s love our children unconditionally and wisely!


小朋友周圍亂丟玩具,爸媽有時「好頭痕」。首先,家長要針對兩大問題:1. 小朋友丟不該丟的東西,2.小朋友隨手把東西,丟去不該掉的地方。面對這種情況,家長可以怎樣做呢? 就是次情境,聯合基督教音樂幼稚園校監 伍馮美娟(Ivy)提供專業意見,家長可以參考以下小貼士: ^聯合基督教音樂幼稚園校...
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校監專欄:【親子教養】運動訓練多功能孩子 多思考更聰明|四個女兒的校監
許多父母問我在培育子女過程中,對孩子來說,什麼最重要? 不少人會很快想到讀書、品德培養,除此之外,其實運動也是孩子不可或缺的事。在運動過程中,孩子除了因為運動令腦部分泌更多安多酚而感到快樂之外,更能在過程訓練出孩子的手眼協調、增強大小肌肉及思考等,更有研究認為多運動的孩子較少運動的孩子聰明。 ...
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校監專欄: 10分鐘友愛和解妙法
Source: 學前教育 2019 Dec Vol.55
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星島親子品牌大獎2019 - United Christian Music Kindergarten 幼兒教育學府大獎
Source: 星島親子品牌大獎特刊 Sing Tao Parents' Choice - Brand Awards 2019 
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全港學校已經復課,最近因社會環境影響,小朋友或多或少心情也有點影響。但其實研究指出音樂對孩子身心有益,我們可以讓孩子透過音樂、練習樂器,讓他們重拾正能量,重新調整正面的價值觀。 德國社會經濟小組(German Socio-Economic Panel)於2013年曾提出,學習音樂所提高的認知與...
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