“Music brings people together; especially family.”


A full spectrum musician, Ng Cheuk Yin is a composer, music producer, arranger, Sheng performer, music educator and ‘a cappella’ artist. Deeply in love with jazz music and equally accomplished in classical and pop music, Yin has an exciting and successful music career, and has won numerous awards as a composer and musician.

Yin has created children's music for various art groups including Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Children’s Choir, Hong Kong Treble Choir, Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, Hong Kong Dance Company, and Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra to name but a few. His choral works are performed by hundreds of choirs all over the world.

From being a composer and performer of children's music, Yin has gained new insight into this art form as he becomes the father of two adorable young kids and experiences the use of music as a parent. He realises that children are inborn musicians who have a natural desire to express themselves, and music happens anytime anywhere, over the dining table, during a walk in the park and in the bathtub.

Yin plays simple musical instruments with his daughters such as ukulele, piano and percussion for kids. Not only will they sing well-known nursery rhymes together, but they also sing to each other as part of their daily conversations. Yin sees the happiness that music can bring to a household, which directly contributes to the formation of a strong and engaging parent-child relationship.

With such insight, Yin joins UCM as our Music Director. Yin oversees UCM’s music direction, composes music for our students, supervises our student concerts and performances and conducts seminars and workshops for the parents of our students. Flower Music, a record label, music production and management company founded by Yin, will also support UCM in the production of high quality children's music.

How is music integrated in UCM’s curriculum?
At UCM we create an environment of quality music for our students. A typical day at UCM starts with singing our school song. Apart from singing and playing instruments in our regular music classes, there is an abundance of singing and enjoying music in our other classes. We handpick music that complements the IEYC unit being taught (such as “Animal Rescuers”, “Superheroes”, “Weather Wonders”) to make our classes more enjoyable and memorable.

We also populate our School Calendar with festivals and traditions from different cultures and let our students learn about these cultures through singing and dancing. Through experience of international cultures and practices, our students learn to respect others and at the same time become more self-aware and celebrate their individuality.

Apart from learning in the classroom, music performance is a crucial part of the UCM experience, be it singing on one’s own or in a choir, or playing simple tunes in an ensemble or an orchestra. In the preparation for performance our students learn to focus, be patient and resilient, be cooperative, and most of all acquire self-confidence and interpersonal skills.
Is the UCM music education suitable for children who aspire to become professional musicians only?
We arrange systematic instrumental training by professional musicians for our students who are musically-gifted, however it is worth noting that the UCM music education is for every child, not only those who take instrumental exams or choose a music career when they grow up. We aspire to make music the best friend of each child, who will grow in happiness and confidence in a loving and caring environment filled with beautiful music.

In Hong Kong, parents are eager for their children to learn languages at a young age. Music is also a language, a language without words that is at times more powerful than words! We all have the experience of being moved to tears upon listening to music, or recalling sweet and silly childhood memories by listening to childhood tunes. Music is an expression of creativity, an amazing way to turn imaginative thoughts into actual ideas. At UCM, we aspire to unleash the creativity of every child.

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