UCM Family

The UCM family is a loving and caring team of dedicated teachers, musicians and education specialists led by Dr. Maria-Christina J. A. Weemaes-Lidman.

Our teachers are passionate in guiding and supporting our students as they learn through play and discovery in UCM’s purpose-built campus. In our organised, safe and stimulating environment, our students construct and expand their knowledge and develop holistically through shared experiences. Parents of our students have seen improvement in their children’s happiness and learning since joining UCM.

Curiosity is inborn in every child. At the core of inquiry-based learning is the belief that learning happens when curiosity is captured in child-initiated experiences, under the care and support of professionally trained teachers. As an educator our role is to provide an enabling environment. Our teachers are professionally trained to identify the developmental needs of each student, and we let each student learn and develop at her own unique pace.

As one of the eight learning principles that are considered essential to children’s learning and development upon which the International Early Years Curriculum (“IEYC”) is designed, we firmly believe that learning should be motivating, engaging and fun, opening up a world of wonder for children where personal interests will flourish.

Apart from intellectual development, we equally value the social, emotional and moral development of our students. Our teachers guide students towards achieving the eight personal goals of becoming able to communicate and cooperate with others, respect and understand others, responsible in making choices, happy to take on challenges, adapt to changes and ready to try new ideas; and ultimately becoming little global citizens who are compassionate to all people and our planet.

School Board

Mr. Andre NG - Mr. Ng holds a Master of Arts degree in Chinese Studies awarded by Chu Hai College of Higher Education in 2019. He served as a director at a listed company in Hong Kong and is now an advisor at a global corporate finance advisory firm. He has been appointed as the School Supervisor of UCM with effect from January 2020.

Mr. Francis WAI - Mr. Wai holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Management degree awarded by the City University of Hong Kong in 1999. He founded an education centre for high school students and served as an independent non-executive director of a Hong Kong-listed company. He is now the founder and CEO of a digital marketing firm in Hong Kong. Mr. Wai has been appointed as a School Manager and CFO of UCM with effect from January 2020.

Ms. Linda CHAN - Ms. Chan holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and has completed her Postgraduate Certificate in Laws at the University of Hong Kong in 2006. She is a solicitor admitted in Hong Kong and is the Chairperson of Hong Kong Voices, a chamber choir established in Hong Kong. Ms. Chan has been appointed as a School Manager and Head of School Development with effect from January 2020.



Dr. Maria-Christina J. A. Weemaes-Lidman

Dr. Lidman is an internationally recognised advocate of holistic education with 20 years of early childhood education experience in Hong Kong. As a teacher, curriculum coordinator, vice-principal and principal, Dr. Lidman has implemented International Baccalaureate, International Primary Curriculum, Montessori, Waldorf, Nature Education and Reggio Emilia philosophies in school curricula.

Music Director


Ng Cheuk Yin

A full spectrum musician, Ng Cheuk Yin is a composer, music producer, arranger, Sheng performer, music educator and ‘a cappella’ artist. Deeply in love with jazz music and equally accomplished in classical and pop music, Yin has an exciting and successful music career, and has won numerous awards as a composer and musician.

Music Education Director


Vienna Ha

A Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) with more than 20 years of special education experience, Vienna has developed the "ABA & Music Training" approach, combining musical elements into the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teaching strategies. Vienna is the founder of a training centre, providing training to children with different degrees of special educational needs, and to their parents and educators. Vienna also speaks regularly in schools and to the public, sharing her expertise in the domain of ABA and special educational needs.

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