Music Curriculum

Pave the way for academic success while having fun

We adopt the Kindermusik curriculum, aligned with the IEYC units being taught for the term, in our music lessons. Kindermusik is a music and movement course with age-appropriate activities. Children’s brains are activated when they are moving, and music makes it fun and engaging to learn. That’s why children develop a great foundation for language, literacy, math and social-emotional skills in Kindermusik classes. 

Kindermusik programme is designed for children from birth to age 7. At UCM Academy, we also offer Kindermusik-based Playgroup for infants of 6 to 30 months’ old and Kindermusik English & Me programme for children of 2-5.5 years old. 

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Full brain activation and development

The benefits of instrumental training for children in their early years are numerous:

  • fine and gross motor skills
  • multi-sensory coordination
  • concentration and attentiveness
  • memory functions
  • perception of sequencing and mathematical sense 

We encourage each student to learn at least one musical instrument persistently.

At UCM Academy we offer small group (2 to 5 students per class) instrumental classes on Saturday mornings. Our selection of musical instruments include Ukulele, Harp, Xylophone, Percussion and Piano. 

Experience the stage ... excitement & fright!

Music performance is a crucial part of the UCM experience. In group music practice such as the UCM Orchestra and UCM Choir, students learn to be patient and resilient, strive for excellence, and to cooperate with each other.

Each student becomes a member of the UCM Orchestra automatically upon enrolment. UCM Orchestra is unique in that the orchestration of our music is tailored to the numbers and skills of our little players, so that all children, regardless of the instrument they play, or the level of accomplishment they achieve, will be able to participate and enjoy making music together. 

Orchestral and choral practices take place on weekdays after school hours. Both UCM Orchestra and UCM Choir will perform in our Christmas Concert and our End of Year Concert.

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Turn imagination into works of music

Our experimental and research-based Creative Music programme is designed completely in-house by our Music Team. Creative Music also aligns with the IEYC units being taught for the term to ensure a holistic learning experience. In Creative Music, students will be guided to turn their imagination and ideas into unique works of music. Selected projects of the year will be produced and published.

Check out this article by Ms. Vienna explaining what is creativity and what are the ways for creativity to flourish!

Carry on with the musical journey

Music brings happiness and harmony to a household and directly contributes to the formation of a stronger bonding between parents and their children.

Incorporation of music into parent-child relationship could be as simple as singing nursery rhymes together, playing musical instruments together, or playing games with musical elements together.

UCM Academy offers small group (max. 4 pairs of parent and child per class) parent-child music classes, as well as talks and workshops for parents on Applied Behaviour Analysis and Music.

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